Why are your socks environmentally friendly?

Bamboo has many properties that make it a very durable material:

  • During growth, bamboo only consumes 1/3 of the water that, for example, cotton needs.
  • Irrigation is not even necessary at all, because bamboo is very good at retaining rainwater. Because of this it is a effective solution against erosion.
  • Bamboo does not require fertilizers or toxins, such as pesticides, to grow. 
  • Bamboo absorbs more than 4x as much CO2 as trees do.
  • You don't have to keep replanting bamboo. Even after cutting, the plant still easily grows several centimeters per day. This means that up to 10 times more bamboo can be harvested on an equally large piece of land compared to cotton. 


Do you also ship sustainably? 

Of course! We think shipping materials made from single-use plastic are outdated. That is why you can expect your order a package consisting of recycled cardboard. We compensate the use of material by replanting trees & bamboo back into nature.   


You say you plant trees and bamboo, how does that work?

That's right! At Three Brothers we work according to the One Pair = One Tree model. This means that for every pair of socks that we sell, a tree or bamboo is planted back into nature. We are experienced in making socks, but we really prefer to leave the planting to the experts. In collaboration with onetreeplanted, we ensure that new forests are created in countries all over the world.


How are your socks made?

After the bamboo has been harvested, it is processed into bamboo viscose. Even though we are very satisfied with the sustainable way in which our bamboo is obtained, we want to remain as critical and transparent as possible at all times. After all, the process from which bamboo viscose is created is a chemical process that still needs improvement. By being in close contact with our factories, this technique will continue to improve and the last step in the process will be carried out in the most sustainable and fair way.